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Your Retirement Planning Journey

RAC breaks up our information and advice into several levels to help build up your understanding. We call this your Retirement Planning Journey.

The first level is general information based on a few of your personal details. Then, as you progress through your Retirement Planning Journey, you enter more details which help us customize our advice to your personal situation.

For a limited time, gain access to all levels starting from $10 for an annual membership (regular price $49.95).

You begin your retirement planning journey with our Level 1 calculators.

This level lays the foundation for your retirement plan. Calculators in this level include:

  • Estimated amount you will need to have saved to retire.
  • The impact of your investment strategies will have on your savings.
  • How much CPP and OAS you will receive assuming you start taking them at age 65.

Level 2 builds on the results from Level 1 and gives you more personalized estimates.

You will:

  • Learn how any pension and RRSPs impact your retirement savings needs.
  • Get a more accurate understanding of your CPP and OAS benefits based on immigration status and years in the work force.
  • Learn when it's best to start receiving CPP and OAS benefits.
  • Gain access to educational resources on retirement planning topics.

Level 3 opens more high-level calculators that are crucial for planning your best retirement.

These calculators are only available on Retirement Advice for Canadians. You will get actuarial calculations without having to pay steep actuarial fees.

Here are the calculators included in this level:

  • Understand how much income you'll need each year in retirement from sources like pensions, RRSPs, government benefits, and more.
  • Learn your My Personal Retirement Index Measure (MyPRIM). This number tells you how ready you are for retirement.
  • Compare ages to start receiving government benefits based on accrued life-time values.
  • If you are in a DB pension plan, you will learn the commuted value of your pension.